Plant Genetics

Plant genetics in nothing but natural transfer of genes by using  techniques such as genetic engineering, plant breeding, hybridization. The changes made in plant are heritable. Plant breeding is about manuplating plant structure to make them more usefull to the humanbeings.breeding is neededto make some plant products safer to eat. Plants are ideal model systems to study the changing environmental conditions on epigenetic patterns. Plants experienced genetic and epigenetic controlling systems to respond to unfavourable conditions like heat, cold, pathogen infections. Heat affects the plant growth and development and poses a serious threat to food supply. Transgenes are sensitive to epigenetic variations which lead to Transgene silencing that is complete are incomplete inactivation of the Transgene expressions.

  • Plant genomics
  • Plant epigenetics
  • Principles of plant genetics
  • Plant development
  • Plant transcriptome
  • Plant genetic engineering
  • Plant genome engineering

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